About The Society
'Working to preserve the rich heritage of the Temecula Valley'
Temecula Valley Historical Society

 The Temecula Valley Historical Society was founded in 2001. The mission of the Society is to "identify, preserve and promote the historical legacy of the Temecula Valley and to educate the public about its historical significance".

 Projects have included the placement of plaques and markers on historic buildings and sites in Old Town Temecula, the restoration of the Louis Wolf Tomb, the restoration of a stagecoach and the production of a DVD about the local history.   The Society provides self guided walking tour maps of Old Town Temecula to local shopkeepers for public distribution.

 Monthly meetings are held at the Little Temecula History Center which include speaker presentations on the local history of Temecula Valley.   The Society also organizes local field trips as well as sending out volunteers to the community to educate children on the valley's historic legacy.

 We invite you to browse around our web site.   Be sure to check out the local history section and the gossip collection which contains excerpts from the Lake Elsinore Valley Press that was published from 1910 - 1926.

 Memberships in the Temecula Valley Historical Society are available at levels affordable to individuals and families as well as corporate sponsorship.

 The Temecula Valley Historical Society is a nonprofit organization under Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)3.

   I am delighted to be the President of the Temecula Valley Historical Society for 2016. Dick Fox has administered the society effectively and the board members and committee chair people are serving whole heartedly. Much is being accomplished behind the scenes to identify and preserve the history of our area.

    I am stepping into the leadership of a thriving organization that we can all be proud to be part of. It was heartwarming at our October meeting to hear each of our new board members volunteer to serve on committees where their skills and past experiences will be of benefit to us all. I look forward to seeing TVHS being more visible in the community and exerting even more positive influence as our numbers grow. At the same time I am looking forward to seeing several smaller research groups form to accomplish tasks of putting in print and online information that may be forgotten if we do not put our hands to the task.

    I thank each of you who continue to serve the society, including the Cudés who provide the refreshments and cordial greeting before each meeting, Judy Preimsberger who puts together such a great newsletter, Dick Fox for being our tech guy as well as being president for the past two years, Phil Washum for planning excursions, and Darell Farnbach and the Vail Ranch Restoration Association for use of the facility and equipment. We also thank Dale Garcia the website guy and Jeffery Harmon and Diane LaTulippe for keeping our Facebook page going. Also Peg Moore who is our representative to the Old Town Review Board deserves recognition for her excellent service.

    Thanks to those who served faithfully for two full terms and are “termed out” for a year’s rest before returning to the board: Elaine Culverhouse, Bonnie Martland and Lisa Woodward. We hope you will continue to come to the board meetings. We need your influence and enthusiasm. Fortunately our past president keeps a chair on the board even when termed out. We will benefit from the continuity of Dick Fox’s experience and leadership. A huge thank you goes to all those behind the scenes whose names are not mentioned here but are very much appreciated.

    We are very blessed to be banded together as likeminded people with unified goals to identify and save the history of the Temecula Valley. We enjoy a lot of good times together while we work toward the accomplishment of our goals. I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together
in 2016.
Rebecca Farnbach
    The Temecula Valley Historical Society is governed by a Board of Directors who formulate and vote on policies.
    Board members serve three year terms.
    The Board elects from its members the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    In addition to the Board of Directors, the society is comprised of several committees all of which serve a specific
    purpose as determined by the Board of Directors and the membership at large.
Membership Committee - The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining a record of all
members, and sending annual dues reminders. They also recruit and welcome new members. As needed
they would send special invitations, thank you's, and maintain copies of the Society's membership
information. From time to time, contact with the membership may be through email or a phone

Public Relations Committee - This committee functions as publicity and marketing directors for the
Society, establish and maintain a list of contacts for all news releases, creating flyers as needed for special
events, maintaining the website, writing and distributing the monthly newsletter, maintaining and
distributing the Old Town Walking Tour Brochure. Establish and maintain a speaker's bureau as part of its
outreach activities, and prepare presentation materials for Board approval.

Research & Preservation - A watchful eye is kept on area buildings, and historical sites to alert the
Society when they may be in a threatened state. The committee researches and assists the Society in
formulating responses to notices of new construction which may fall under CEQA laws. Always on alert for
possible new information on local history, possible areas needing Society assistance, and overseeing the
on-going maintenance of existing completed projects.

Events & Education - Responsible for planning of periodic Society sponsored educational trips to learn
more about nearby local history. Also does planning for annual Society events such as the Annual Meeting
in November to install new officers for the coming year.

Projects - Identify new projects for the Society to sponsor and support. Organize resources to get cost
estimates to initiate and support to an identified completion. Some projects may be in phases, others small
enough to complete as a single project. Oversee all new projects to completion, including reconciling of any
final reporting required if financial grants are sought for completion.
From left to right:

Charolotte Fox
Barbara Tobin
Eve Craig
Jimmy Moore
From left to right:

Dick Fox
Bonnie Martland
Rebecca Farnbach