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Farnbach's Honored At Special Vail HQ Event
By Dick Fox - Editor
   On the afternoon of Thursday, July 7 the Temecula Valley Historical Society in concert with Arteco Partners the owners of the Vail HQ property, conducted a special event to unveil some new signs and acknowledge the contributions of both Darell & Rebecca Farnbach.

   With an audience of 50+ Darell arrived in style, as the passenger in a bright red '53 MG open 2-seater sports car that is a recent acquisition of James "Stew" Stewart's vintage car collection. Before Darell got out of the MG, "Stew" drove him to the back of the property to show off a new sign on the barn garage near the blacksmith shop that reads "Darell's Garage". This work space was Darell's base of operation during the rehabilitation and restoration of the HQ complex.
Darell Farnbach arriving at Vail HQ driven by James ''Stew'' Stewart in a 1953 MG
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