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'Working to preserve the rich heritage of the Temecula Valley'
William Allen Harker
A Walk Through the Sands of Time - An Autobiography
In Remembrance of Bill Harker
Excerpts from Bill’s eulogy written by his children
      William Allen Harker was born September 23, 1916 to Harry Harker and Edith Bahn in Long Beach, California.  In 1940 he married Virginia Bosch and they had three children: Rich, Harriet and Jim.  They were married 33 years when Virginia passed away.  He married Evelyn Moyer in 1973 and became the father of Jean, Georgia, Bob, Don, Sandy, Patty, Jimmy and John.  He raised three of Evelyn’s children as his own.  As a father, he made each of the 11 children feel special and unique. He was dedicated in his commitment to the community and its growth.  He always went above and beyond and often did not take credit, but gave it to others.

      Bill had a way of encouraging everyone around him.  He listened and inspired us to realize what we could accomplish. He was confident with his ideas and found solutions for us to consider.  He was an engineer, cattle driver, city mayor and councilman, yachtsman, aviator, storyteller, musician, poet, cartoonist, photographer, worm farmer, editor, civil servant, event planner, volunteer, skydiver and friend.  His sense of humor and the numerous stories he told kept us in laughter.

      He touched everyone’s heart.
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