Volunteer Opportunities

The Temecula Valley Historical Society is an all volunteer organization. You can make a difference by donating your time, expertise, craftsmanship, or knowledge, to help support our history and future. Send us an Email today to become a volunteer!

Students needing Community Service Hours credits can earn time assisting with the kiddie train or stagecoach at Vail Ranch Headquarters.  We need help loading and unloading riders. The job is not difficult, and no lifting is required. Most hours are available on weekends.

Licensed drivers are needed to drive the Train and/or Stagecoach during special events and Sundays held at the Ranch.

To volunteer, contact Rebecca Farnbach at: sunbrook@hotmail.com, texting to 951-775-6057

Would you like to join the Temecula Valley Historical Society Board of Directors? Please contact Rebecca Farnbach, Nominating Committee Chair, by emailing sunbrook@hotmail.com or texting to 951-775-6057

We are currently seeking a volunteer, or volunteers, to do data entry. Specifically, helping to index issues of  the La Laguna Revue which was published from October of 1961 through July 1966. This can be done at your home, at any time that is convenient for you. To see what the index looks like, click on the link at right. Link to the La Laguna Article Index